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  • Project Coyote
    Project Coyote promotes educated coexistence between people and coyotes by championing progressive management policies and fostering respect for and understanding of America's native wild "song dog." Eastern Coyote Institute is not affilitated in any way with Project Coyote.
  • What Can You Do Right Now to Stop this Abuse?
    Many people are asking the Eastern Coyote Institute how they can stop the sadistic abuse of our wildlife. Here is how: Write to the people below and tell them you want hunting coyotes with dogs in New York stopped, bag limits imposed on fox, coyote and crows and relaying dogs chasing coyotes stopped effective immediately. It will just take a few minutes. Write: Assemblyman Robert Sweeney, Chair, Environmental Conservation Committee, NYS Assembly, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248 Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver,c/o Dean Fuleihan, NYS Assembly, State Capitol Bldg. Albany , NY 12248 Terri Kleinman and David Lenahan, NYS Assembly Program an d Counsel, room 520, State Capitol Bldg. AlbanyNY 12248 Senator Antoine Thompson, Chairman, Senate Env. Cons. Committee, NYS Senate, LOB, Albany NY 12247 Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, NYS Senate, LOB, Alba. NY 12247 Governor Paterson, c/o Judith Enck, Executive Chamber, State Capitol, Albany NY 12224
  • Predator Defense Organization
  • An Important Letter about Coyotes from Robert Crabtree
    This letter by one of the leading coyote biologists in the world explains why killing coyotes does not control their population
  • Is Man Supposed to Control Predator Populations?
    No. Man has really screwed up a lot of balances in ecosystems! A predators role is to control prey populations, and that is important so that prey don't over graze land and destroy their own food sources. Predators aren't supposed to control other predators, Nature doesn't work that way. Man has quite an ego and has misunderstood and abused his of "dominion over animals" . No doubt, his "dominion over animals" should be taken away.
  • Did Biologists Release Cougars to Control the Coyote Population?
    No. C'Mon, do you really believe this stuff? A little knowledge of cougar and coyote biology as well as Federal Law will answer this one for you. Cougars have no interest in killing coyotes, and in fact are easily treed by any member of the canine species. Any legitimate (the key word here) cougar sightings are no doubt the occasional released exotic pet.
  • Were Coyotes deliberately released in the Eastern States?
    NO. Some people actually believe that the conservation agencies stocked coyotes in the Eastern states to control the deer population. We already know that coyotes can not control the deer population and there are more deer and turkey than ever, so why would they have to? Coyotes naturally expanded their range, coming into New England through Maine and New York. they have been around isnce at least the early 1920's. Some scientists believe they have been here all along, since remains have been found in certain archeological finds.
  • Will Coyotes Cause Prey Species to Become Extinct?
    NO. A smart predator would NEVER kill all his prey. Coyotes are a smart predator and have never been ersponsible for killing oof a species. Man however, is a different story. Since Man has walked the earth, they have directly caused the extinction and extirpation of millions of species of plants and animals.
  • Do Coyotes Kill Domestic Cats and Dogs?
    Sure. So do cars, diseases, neighbors guns, owls, domestic dogs, poisons, traps, snares and over crowded shelters. If you allow your cats and dogs to roam freely something bad IS going to happen to them. Dogs and Cats kill plenty of wildlife on their own too. It is easy to blame the coyotes when your pet comes up missing, but face the facts here. Keep your animals near you and in the home and they will live a long healthy life.
  • Do Coyotes Control Deer Populations?
    Not according to Deer Biologists. Ken Koerth, noted deer biologist is quoted in Whitetail Magazine as saying that "coyotes normally can't control deer populations on their own". Many deer hunters are disappointed when they return home empty handed and find it easier to blame coyotes than themselves. Ask the home owners in the suburbs if there are not enough deer... Ask the Auto Insurance Agents what they think too...
  • What are the Coyote Bite and Death Statistics
    Did you know that there are only two human deaths attributed to a coyote attack in recorded history? The latest death of a young musician is still being investigated. Compare to the 15 - 20 deaths per year attributed to domestic dog attacks. Coyote bites that require hospitalization are extremely rare and of course, newsworth because of their rarity. Compare this to the roughly 1,000 domestic dog bites per day treated in USA emergency rooms! Coyote attacks are clearly not a realistic threat- but domestic dog attacks ARE. Nearly all coyote attacks can be attributed to humans feeding coyotes, either knowlingly, or through carelessness. Don't feed the coyotes.
  • Do Coyotes Decrease Turkey Populations?
    NO. Disease can wipe out an entire flock of birds. Coyotes prey on the slowest, weakest birds. It is these birds that are likely coming down with a virus that could potentially wipe out the entire flock. Studies show that the Wild Turkey Population in New England is larger and stronger than ever - Thanks to coyotes!
  • Does Killing Coyotes Control Their Population?
    FACT: NO! Did you know that when coyotes are killed it stimulates population growth through larger litters, stronger pups and more breeding females in an area? The only thing that controls the population of coyotes is the amount of available prey. Hunting and trapping causes MORE coyotes the following year!

Coyotes in Nature

  • Beautiful Coyote
    Learn how coyotes fill an important niche in nature. The more correct information you learn, the more you will appreciate this beautiful animal.

Coyotes Used as Live Bait

  • A Closer Look
    Know what is really happening out there and learn how inhumane coyote hunting with dogs is.

Cruelty in the Woods

  • Coyote run to exhaustion is cornered
    How does a coyote hunt really work? Learn what the hunters don't want you to know about this recreational activity

Quotes and Pics from the Hunters

  • Slowed down with a front leg shot
    Read some descriptions of the hunts right from the hunters themselves. Each quote is exactly as written, the names (and their dogs names) have been "X" ed out to protect their identities..

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February 27, 2009


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I am a little disturbed that with all of the problems in the world today, a coyotes' well being has turned into a point of interrest for you lovely people. Why don't you focus your efforts on starving children or growing unemployment rates. I'm sure that you can't understand what I am saying as I am just an uneducated coyote hunter. You should find more productive issues to resolve. I love hunting coyotes and can only hope that the ones I miss will find your cat some night. Sweet dreams!!!!!
I shot three today if it helps you sleep. Tell your cat I said he/she is welcome. Shane \

Reply from ECI: Nice Shane. You typify the average coyote hunter. I won't be missing my cat, because I don't have one, but thank you. Most people who care about their cats keep them indoors . There are a lot worse things that can happen to a cat than a hungry coyote getting it. They get caught in trappers traps, shot, hit by cars, killed by domestic dogs, eaten by Great Horned Owls, poisoned- you name it. Coyotes are the least of a cats problems, really. As far as focusing on other problems, there are plenty of other people working on the "other " problems. However, we have found that fewer people are aware of the cruelty of your method of hunting. Our goal is to open people's eyes to what you are doing to OUR wildlife, and guess what? It's working :)

andrew lewis

I'm from SantaFe Texas, my name is Andrew j Lewis, I am an avid coyote hunter, I maintain a pack of 4 yote dogs, and 9 hog dogs, I love what I do, it has been part of my family for over 75 years, if you dont like what we do the solution is simple..... Don't look at our pics and videos.... My email is


everyone wonders where there beloved house cat goes when he gets out.... yup thats right the coyote get em... fuck off leave us be

COMMENT FROM EASTERN COYOTE INSTITUTE : What part of the word "HOUSE cat" don't you understand?


i think coyote hunting is the best thing and using dogs is a great way since coyotes are fast and very sly creatures. i lost many pets to them crafty things and love putting bullet holes in them and its fun to watch them try to eat their own guts after you gut shot them so you don't have to haul them down to the creek. and coyotes eat more domesticated animals than wild animals. yes they may sound pretty from far off but have many of you city slickers ever watched a pack of them eat a cows back end since it couldn't get off the ground or run outside in the middle of the night with a shotgun because they are in your garage pulling out one of your dogs when its trying to sleep. so if y'all think their is too many deer then maybe y'all should go buy you a license and help manage the population because coyotes aren't managing the deer
COMMENT FROM EASTERN COYOTE INSTITUTE: You sound very like an very compassionate and intelligent guy, "knifed". I would be interested to have you meet the guys who insist all the deer have been killed off by coyotes. So what is it? Too many deer, or not enough? Can't you guys agree?

Morgan Wright

We shouldn't be hunting coyotes at all. The deer population is out of control, people hit them with their cars, deer spread Lyme Disease and eat our crops. We need coyotes to control deer naturally. Human deer hunting is destructive because of the fact that coyotes eat the weak and deformed, leaving the strong deer to breed, but humans only shoot the largest buck they can find with the "most points," which is idiotic anyway, but what it does is it removes the strongest bucks leaving the weak and infirm to pass on the DNA. Humans wouldn't have to hunt deer at all if we let the coyotes do it. 300 years ago it was the wolves and cougars that did it, but we killed all the wolves and cougars so now we should be glad to have coyotes do it. But no, coyote hunters are killing coyotes because they think the coyotes will eat all the deer. Wrong. Coyotes only get the deer that are sick or half dead already, they can't catch the big healthy ones. So really, the hunters only want the trophy, and the boner they get from killing. It only proves that humans evolved from apes that came down from the trees and started hunting. Some of us have developed frontal lobes, and some of us are still apes. Coyote hunters are apes. They kill because apes killed and they have not evolved higher mental functions such as remorse and seeing the beauty of nature, or spelling at above the 3rd grade level. Apes. Besides, if the coyotes don't control deer population the wolves and cougars will come back in. Now, when that happens, all the things that coyotes do will be 10 times worse. Instead of coyotes eating chickens, we'll have wolves eating horses and cougars eating us!!!! Let's stick with coyotes, please. No wolves and sure as hell no cougars!! Not for me, please.


In addition, I never would have imagined the enormous population of coyotes in our rural/suburban area of Central NY. We kill; yes I said kill approximately 80 coyotes every season, sometimes more and sometimes less. With no know natural predator for the eastern coyote we are attempting to keep their ever increasing population in check. Each year the females will have litters of 5-9 pups depending on the climate conditions. 2-5 females in a 500 acre block X 6 pups equals another 20-30 coyotes that will move on out into their own areas and the cycle begins to multiply. Local sheep, alpaca and cattle farmers experience losses every week to these animals. The coyote is a predator and will seek out an easy meal either on the back porch of the suburbanite’s house or local livestock corrals. Every year on the local Syracuse news broadcasts you will see several stories on the boldness of the eastern coyote. Footage of them eating from the family outside, pet’s food bowl or relaxing on the neighbors covered deck are very common. Not trying to justify by any means but offer an inside prospective as to why I chose this type of winter sport.

A Message from The Coyote Institute: Oh Brian, you are so uninformed of the biology of coyotes which is unfortunately, typical of the coyote hunters. Briefly, the more coyotes you kill, the faster they breed. If you would leave them alone, only one dominant female would be breeding and she would be having smaller litters every year. Plus, most of those pups wouldn't survive according to biological data, and those that did would disperse and leave the area. We believe that many of the coyote hunters actually know this, but they don't want the public to know this, so they perpetuate the lies. If the the people that live near where you hunt could only learn the truth, you would not have permission to hunt on their property.


Just stumbled across the site and am a bit confused by the tactics of allowing the dogs to kill the coyotes. I have been hunting coyotes for about six years now in Central NY and have never seen or allowed the dogs to run the coyote down and kill it. We utilize the dogs in the same manner as rabbit hunters do in that they flush the coyotes out of their daytime beds. We begin the day at sunrise and travel the back roads in hopes of finding a crossing, fresh coyote track. Usually a younger member of the hunting party will begin the hunt by walking the track out until I/we jump the coyote or the track turns into a running track. When the track turns into a running track or we actually see the coyote a dog or 2 dogs are added to the hunt and they begin their “job” of running and barking on the track. The senior members of the hunting party track the dogs via electronic collars and are on the roadways to most importantly get the dogs across safely in the event of traffic. Coyotes are generally shot and killed with a single shot by a hunter on foot or an individual covering a frequent crossing. Most of the time the coyotes are minutes ahead of the hunting dogs and if and when the coyote is killed the dogs catch up and are allowed to mull the carcass for a brief moment as a reward. The barking dogs function is to provide an audible signal to the general direction of travel of the coyote, not unlike a rabbit hunting dog does. Just another attempt to educate.
A note from The Coyote Institute: Thanks for your attempt to change our perception. We are well aware of the coyote hunters attempt to hide the fact that they allow the dogs to rip apart the coyotes. The lists have changed to reflect that, as the moderators of the list threw out their urgent messages to their posters that demanded "No more photos of the dogs ripping at live coyotes- they are using this against us!" Yeah, we know about this. We also know that you guys are only allowed to "post pics of dogs chewing on coyotes that are already dead". Your dirty little secret is out, and you are trying to stuff it back in. Sorry, no can do. We know you all have "kill dogs", why would you need these if they won't be killing the coyote? We also know that part of the joy of your sport involves watching the coyotes suffer and love watching your dogs viciously attack the wounded, suffering coyote. If it weren't for that part, you wouldn't have any interest in using the dogs or hunting at all. Trying to stuff this dirty little secret of coyote hunting with dogs back under wraps is not going to work. we have so many pictures, and so much video footage proving otherwise.

Coyote Hunting Lover

You guys really don't realize that all this bitching and complaining really just fuels the fire of us hunters wanting to hunt more coyotes. I read all these "I watch too much Bambi and can't accept that things get killed sometimes", and "Hunters are retarded, but if I had to live in the wilderness for a day, I'd be fucked." I also enjoy Coyote institute TRULY believing that coyote hunting will end at some point. You will not have your chance, you guys just like to have a little dream to hold on to. Truth be told, hunting with a pack of dogs is a little fucked up and it isn't really hunting, but also truth be told, coyotes are very over populated and need to be maintained. Trust me, I wish we did the same thing for humans.. But the people against coyote hunting will never admit at all that some of our points are valid. They're too stubborn. As a hunter, I love the fact that I hunt for my food, I hike and plan and work for it and do not tree stand or hunt from a vehicle, and part of being a hunter is conservation. Therefore, I will always coyote hunt. Will I ever use electronic calls or a pack of dogs? Nope. Will I always hike on my two feet and give the animal an opposing chance? Yep. Now let's hear you guys start complaining and arguing to my comment. I need a good laugh..


A pack of hound dogs attacked my grandmother's beagle last week. 50 plus stitches and a $1,000 vet bill. Oh it happened on our family farm in south west IL, guess we have no property rights they never even asked for permission to run dogs on our property. Fuck those pieces of shit, they are just a bunch of lazy rednecks who don’t want to crawl there fat asses out of their trucks and call coyotes instead of torturing them slowly by running them down. 1.15.11


I have to laugh at Hannah's post from April 27, 2010. You are such an idiot! You are exactly the type of person I would expect to defend this crap. You can't even spell AGAINST! "Agenced"? Seriously!?! You are freaking stupid! Thanks a bunch for supporting the generalization for me:) "Well written?" Really? Wow...


I will admit that I think Clint (Vargy) is an all out prick that if i ever seen him in person I would kick his fucking teeth down his throat.

On the other hand I am all for any means of coyote hunting. I have been running coyotes for 15 years and will never stop doing so. I never hunt on anyones property. I have 7 thousand acres of my own and never have to go anywhere else. I don't give a 2 shits what you people say or try to do my hunting will never stop and thats that. I will agree that there are hounds men out there that give us all a bad name by trespassing and such but you would be a fool to put us all in that category.


Why do people have to do this kind of thing? Dogs are dogs. Just because some dogs are wild it doesn't mean that people have to kill them.


Don't flatter yourself by making comparisons to predators and the "food chain"; you're just people who enjoy watching animals get mangled. Most people think there's something wrong with somebody who gets such pleasure from watching things suffer. And you're not going to convince us that it's ok any more than I am going to convince you that abortion isn't murder or cocaine should be legalized or whatever you happen to have strong beliefs about. If you get your jollies torturing yourself or another consenting adult that actually IS your business. But once you start torturing animals it's everyone else's business too. If you don't like it you'd better move to the developing world or build a time machine. The more people find out about this the sooner it will become illegal like most other forms of extreme animal cruelty. So please continue broadcasting your little hobby far and wide so public opinion will turn against it more rapidly. Thanks.

sgt W. Woodly

You all that hunt coyotes think its ok just because you love it. It is wrong, I'm sure those hunters a few hundred years ago hunting down black slaves thought it was fun and loved it also. Hunting for just killing and not to eat what you kill is a waste of nature and coyotes are dogs also. I use my Pet coyotes to kill off those grass eaters on my farm.. I'm sure your dogs will attack any other dog if you let them. I'm not a tree hugger but a US Army sniper. You want to kill, then try something that shoots back..
When we all meet our maker I'm sure you will have to answer for your actions in life, pay back can be hell sometimes...


All you guys agenced coyote hunting with hounds need to just leave your stupid little posts to yourself and leave us the hell alone! I've hunted coyotes with hounds all my life and absolutly love it. If you don't like it, thats fine by me just leave us hunters alone. I hate all the people agenced coyote hunting that post it all over the internet. Is it that hard just to drop the topic and leave it be??
Reply from Coyote Institute: Well written "Hannah"!


I just HATE people who do that! I WISH YOU GET EATING BY YOUR OWN DOGS!

Go Animals!

Hunters who have to use these methods make me sick. I am all for hunting and I understand its necessary but if your such a good hunter why can't you chase after your "prey" on foot. Maybe you will lose a couple pounds. Also why do you need a pack of dogs. Are you scared to get your hands dirty and do a little work yourself. I would respect a person who could run down a coyote and kill it with just a knife. That would be a true hunter. Oh thats right you can't because of all that beer belly you can't seem to keep covered. Listen it is called a shirt. Anyways, I just want all you so called hunters to know that if this is the way you hunt. Then you need to go give back your licenses and tell them that your not actually a hunter, your a pussy. Your scared to face something face up and risk any harm. Your not tough, or superior to anything. Your a desperate sad pathetic version of a human being. You wanna prove your macho? Show up on my property doing that crap. We will see who the tough guy is then.

Trisha Payne

My mom saw one of these horrible attack in her back yard. We are all outraged, I cannot believe that people are that sick. I think that it is one thing to defend your livestock but totally wrong to let your dogs tresspass on 5 miles of land while you follow them in your truck with your walkie talkie. The "good old boy's" is exactly who it was, I am a country girl all the way but what they did is just wrong. One even threatened to run my mom over when she took pictures of their license plate. We have contacted our local paper to raise awareness of this issue. Also we have contacting our district legislator, to change the law making it illegal to use any dog while coyote hunting. What is the differnce in what these people are doing and dog fighting? Any help from anyone would be much appriciated. my e-mail is Thank you for your support and i hope together we can make a difference.

Morgan Wright

I was on youtube watching all the coyote hunt videos and was amazed by how stupid all the coyote hunters seem to be in the videos. Who are these people? They appear to be almost semi-retarded. If you read the comments they write defending themselves against the "tree huggers," you wonder if they were deliberately kept out of school to go hunting. With the incredibly bad grammar and spelling, you wonder how anybody can reach adult age, with newspapers and magazines and road signs all around for reference, and still spell at a 2nd grade level, unless their IQ was that of a high-level imbecile or functional moron. The comment software even has an automatic spell-check, but I guess their spelling is just so far off, it doesn't work. Maybe they can't understand why every word they type has those little red lines under it, and just keep typing away. Maybe they have brain damage from so many generations of in-breding in them thar hils.

David Martin

Some people speculate that it is the weakest, most fearful men who use their guns to kill things they are afraid of. My guess is that the worlds greatest cowards are the ones using dogs and guns to kill the coyotes. There is clearly a disturbing mental aspect here, and according to much of the research out there today, these individuals also have many other problems, such as a lack of successful social relationships with others, lack of good reading and writing skills, anger management issues and Diminutive Male Genitalia Disorder (DMGD) interesting site!


I swear, what the hell is wrong with some humans? "Lets kill things we don't like" , and use excuses like "oh it might kill your puppy or kitten", well I am sick of assholes that say shit like that . It's a cop out. Wolves ,coyotes ,bears -what is the big deal? Theses animals are needed! They have been here way before us and hopefully long after us. I don't mind hunting, but like I have said before, humanely.


Ok i understand that any pack related animal would fight for food.. but why train them to do this? It should be highly illegal. This is almost like fighting pitbulls and that is now becoming a federal crime?! HORRIBLE...


It ain't about a bloody sport.Coyotes are varmints that kill inosent turkeys,rabbits, deer,house cats,house dogs i could go on all day.i have hunted coyotes with dogs for 7 yrs.The reason why i do it is not to kill coyotes but to hear a good dog race.All u people trying to get the dog hunting stopped go fuck your self.

Coyote Institute Reply: if you really liked to do it just to hear the dogs, then why do you need to bring your gun? Why not just let the dogs chase, bay up and then gather them and go home? It IS for the blood, thats why. It isn't hunting and you know it. It is dog fighting. And Clint, killing animals is not "sexy" and neither are you


I'm a hunter of 39 years. I don't have any problem with hunting or hunters. However, the despicable bunch of folks running coyotes with dogs are NOT hunters. Please don't lump them into the category of hunters. I was taught and practice a quick and humane kill, not the torture of running an animal to exhaustion and then letting dogs maul it to death. Most real hunters agree with me.


We all love animals or I should say some do.. some seek pain and enjoyment outta playing the hero , "well I keep the coyote population down.. so leave me alone.." bullshit.. I am not a tree hugger nor are some other people who just care about a poor animal lying there wounded probably screaming in pain while it dies a slow death.. don't that sink in to anyone..if you wanna hunt something kill it humanely.. not torture it..I have farm animals and I haven't had a run in with these "vicous beasts",as is said about them.. so please save me the grief about stop bothering you guys.. if it makes you a man torture animals of any sort , then people like me and others are gonna react..


You know, people aren't "tree huggers" always who care for these animals.. We need coyotes just like we need any predator to help keep down populations in check.. what I am sick of is as* holes who think they are God, and think they can go around on anyones property and chase or maime a coyote..I am a person who doesn't mind hunting, but to have a gun and 5 or more dogs, chase down one animal and stand there and watch it get ripped apart alive is just assanine. Stay away from my place to hunt coyote.


fuck your site

Coyote Institute Reply: Thank you for your opinion, Dave. I take it you enjoy the bloodsports?



Coyote Institute Reply: Here it is, Dave. Ity usually takes a couple of days, as we are very busy.


this is an assinine site stop posting hunter you cant change the mind of a cloed minded fool who would rather bash hunter rather than thank them for all the wildlfe gains we as hunter have put up most all of the monies through the pitman robertson act. put your money where your mouth is. of course there are bad apples in the hunting crowd just as there are bad apples in the enviromental crowd eco terrorrist IKNOW FOR A FACT MY SPENDING ON GUNS AND LISENCES AND ALL SPORTSMEN HAVE PUT WAY MORE INTO WILDLIFE RESTORATION AND LAND PURCHASES THAN THESE FOOLS EVER WILL

Coyote Institute Reply: Well said, Dave!


just wate thay get your cat or dog then you wont them all dead.
Note from Coyote Institute: This is the kind of person out doing the torture and killing of coyotes with dogs. The guy with the third grade education. We were going to save you the embarrassment of publishing comments from the hunters, but then decided, what the heck, lets let the public see the mentality of the guys out there with the guns and dogs. Good job "bbb"

Grayson Guyer

Coyotes kill livestock that the farmers of this country raise to feed you and I. Not all Americans are solely consumers. Some of us produce the things that keep this country happy, healthy, and prosperous. What may seem "right to kill" to some is simply normal human existence to others. Nature is not always pretty, but make no mistake we are all apart of it.

Note from Coyote Institute: Farmers who employ good farming practices and use livestock guardian dogs, Llamas and donkeys properly don't lose livestock to coyotes. Its a small investment with a big return. Farmers who bring their ewes and cows and does in to lamb, calf and kid also don't lose livestock to predators. Simply put, there are very easy and efficient ways to protect livestock from predators. Educating these farmers is the key


A pack of dogs killing a coyote can be so in horrible to you but have you really seen what that poor coyote can do to a calf? They eat the rear end of the calf out and will either keep going until they kell that calf or they leave it to die slowly. so how does that sound having to see a calf with its guts hanging out of it while its still alive. you have no clue. all you know is how to hug a tree.

*Note from Coyote Institute: This is the kind of person out doing the torture and killing of coyotes with dogs- the illiterate guy that thinks that humans are supposed to "get back at " and "punish" coyotes and other predators for doing what a predator is supposed to do naturally. Real good understanding of the predator/prey relationship there buddy(that was sarcasm). Humans are supposed to be the smart ones here, and should be using some of the many non-lethal methods that have proven to work to protect their livestock, such as guard dogs, donkeys and Llamas, bringing birthing sheep and cattle in, especially at night . We were going to save you the embarrassment of publishing stupid comments from the hunters, but then decided, what the heck, lets let the public see the mentality of the guys out there with the guns and dogs. Good job Pal!

Aaron Rust

I grew up hunting coyotes with dogs. As you say above...n"Deliberate wounding so that the coyotes cannot escape the wrath of the trained "kill dogs" is especially disturbing." I have never heard of this nor seen it practiced. We used 2-5 pickups with cb radios and where i am from every mile is a road. So we would find a coyote chase him with the pickup until we were close enough to let the dogs go. Then the race is on. The coyote sometimes outran the dogs or out smarted them. Sometimes not. You usually have a catch dog that stumbles the coyote then the rest of the pack isn't far behind and they catch him and chew on him until the pick up arives and the coyote is dispatched with a .22 caliber pistol. The complete process last only a couple minutes and the coyote is dead. I think most coyote hunters that use dogs will say the same. Is it brutal? yes... most hunting is! I also have shot hundreds of coyotes with a shotgun out the window of a moving pickup. Fun, but not as fun as hunting with dogs. We sold our dogs because of the expense of feeding them. Hunting is nessisary to keep populations in control. I don't believe animals have rights. I believe that we have been given by God the right to rule over them. He does care for the animals so there must be some justification for killing animals. For coyotes it is healthier for the general population to keep them killed down some. Over population causes desease which kills them down too. Also sheep farmers need population control with coyotes. WE live in a brutal world. I am sorry it offends you so.

*Note from Coyote Institute: Sounds real sportsman-like there Aaron- shoot em out of a pickup truck. We have videos of the dogs killing the coyotes that last 5- 10 minutes. We were going to save you the embarrassment of publishing stupid comments from the hunters, but then decided, what the heck, lets let the public see the mentality of the guys out there with the guns and dogs.


dam tree you eat meat? have you ever seen how cows are killed in a slaughter house.they pick them up by there backs, then while there hanging there a huge saw comes and cuts them from there chest to there rump. which is worse shooting something and killing it quickley or sawing something in half while its still alive. so why dont you go work on stoping that and leave us hunters alone!

Coyote Institute Reply: There are people who work on the humane treatment of livestock in slaughter houses (USDA). The only reason that the coyote hunters are allowed (at this point) to kill coyotes with the use of fighting dogs is because not enough people know about it- YET. Give us time. We won't be leaving "you hunters" alone until the public is fully aware of this blood sport and it is stopped.

kelly gear

have you ever seen what a coyote does to a baby calf or a deer or a rabbit?for that matter what most preditors do to their prey?have you ever seen a pack of wolves rip a coyote apart?have you ever seen a coyote with mange?most animals die a bad death in the wild.someone hunting with a pack of dogs for sport is none of your buisness were all part of the food chain any way you want to look at it.bambi is not real and neither are you.

Eastern Coyote Institute

Interesting comment Chad, and typical mindset of a coyote hunter. "It is going to die anyway, so why not torture it?" Nice. Real nice Chad. Your statement regarding the "fact" that if we don't kill the coyotes, they will kill us is ridiculous. You should stay inside the house, you might get hurt by wildlife. Shoot everything you see before it attacks you, OK?

chad michalski

It shouldnt matter how we kill them. Im hunter, but i only use guns but dogs do help in hog hunts, whats wrong with them with coyotes. Are u trying to say hunting them is bad because if we dont hunt them with a gun dog or anything they will be hunting us. Im pretty sure after you shoot them there going to die slow just sitting there so why cant you bring a dog or a baby dog to come in and kill it and train it, what if you have a farm with chickens or just small animals. then a coyote comes in and kills them, dont you want something to stop it. if u get your dog hooked on killing them they will kill them or scare them off when they come in for your chickens or whatever.


The whole right to kill thing has always made me lapse into serious gigglefits. I'm not a die-hard animal rights activist, but that right to kill thing just makes me laugh.


the photo at the top of this page is ugly. is that a youngster those dogs are tearing apart? it looks like it has mange or didn't have enough of a hard time without having to deal with an ending like this. A bullet to the brain would have been more heroic on the hunter's part

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