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Coyote Questions Answered

  • Project Coyote
    Project Coyote promotes educated coexistence between people and coyotes by championing progressive management policies and fostering respect for and understanding of America's native wild "song dog." Eastern Coyote Institute is not affilitated in any way with Project Coyote.
  • What Can You Do Right Now to Stop this Abuse?
    Many people are asking the Eastern Coyote Institute how they can stop the sadistic abuse of our wildlife. Here is how: Write to the people below and tell them you want hunting coyotes with dogs in New York stopped, bag limits imposed on fox, coyote and crows and relaying dogs chasing coyotes stopped effective immediately. It will just take a few minutes. Write: Assemblyman Robert Sweeney, Chair, Environmental Conservation Committee, NYS Assembly, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248 Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver,c/o Dean Fuleihan, NYS Assembly, State Capitol Bldg. Albany , NY 12248 Terri Kleinman and David Lenahan, NYS Assembly Program an d Counsel, room 520, State Capitol Bldg. AlbanyNY 12248 Senator Antoine Thompson, Chairman, Senate Env. Cons. Committee, NYS Senate, LOB, Albany NY 12247 Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, NYS Senate, LOB, Alba. NY 12247 Governor Paterson, c/o Judith Enck, Executive Chamber, State Capitol, Albany NY 12224
  • Predator Defense Organization
  • An Important Letter about Coyotes from Robert Crabtree
    This letter by one of the leading coyote biologists in the world explains why killing coyotes does not control their population
  • Is Man Supposed to Control Predator Populations?
    No. Man has really screwed up a lot of balances in ecosystems! A predators role is to control prey populations, and that is important so that prey don't over graze land and destroy their own food sources. Predators aren't supposed to control other predators, Nature doesn't work that way. Man has quite an ego and has misunderstood and abused his of "dominion over animals" . No doubt, his "dominion over animals" should be taken away.
  • Did Biologists Release Cougars to Control the Coyote Population?
    No. C'Mon, do you really believe this stuff? A little knowledge of cougar and coyote biology as well as Federal Law will answer this one for you. Cougars have no interest in killing coyotes, and in fact are easily treed by any member of the canine species. Any legitimate (the key word here) cougar sightings are no doubt the occasional released exotic pet.
  • Were Coyotes deliberately released in the Eastern States?
    NO. Some people actually believe that the conservation agencies stocked coyotes in the Eastern states to control the deer population. We already know that coyotes can not control the deer population and there are more deer and turkey than ever, so why would they have to? Coyotes naturally expanded their range, coming into New England through Maine and New York. they have been around isnce at least the early 1920's. Some scientists believe they have been here all along, since remains have been found in certain archeological finds.
  • Will Coyotes Cause Prey Species to Become Extinct?
    NO. A smart predator would NEVER kill all his prey. Coyotes are a smart predator and have never been ersponsible for killing oof a species. Man however, is a different story. Since Man has walked the earth, they have directly caused the extinction and extirpation of millions of species of plants and animals.
  • Do Coyotes Kill Domestic Cats and Dogs?
    Sure. So do cars, diseases, neighbors guns, owls, domestic dogs, poisons, traps, snares and over crowded shelters. If you allow your cats and dogs to roam freely something bad IS going to happen to them. Dogs and Cats kill plenty of wildlife on their own too. It is easy to blame the coyotes when your pet comes up missing, but face the facts here. Keep your animals near you and in the home and they will live a long healthy life.
  • Do Coyotes Control Deer Populations?
    Not according to Deer Biologists. Ken Koerth, noted deer biologist is quoted in Whitetail Magazine as saying that "coyotes normally can't control deer populations on their own". Many deer hunters are disappointed when they return home empty handed and find it easier to blame coyotes than themselves. Ask the home owners in the suburbs if there are not enough deer... Ask the Auto Insurance Agents what they think too...
  • What are the Coyote Bite and Death Statistics
    Did you know that there are only two human deaths attributed to a coyote attack in recorded history? The latest death of a young musician is still being investigated. Compare to the 15 - 20 deaths per year attributed to domestic dog attacks. Coyote bites that require hospitalization are extremely rare and of course, newsworth because of their rarity. Compare this to the roughly 1,000 domestic dog bites per day treated in USA emergency rooms! Coyote attacks are clearly not a realistic threat- but domestic dog attacks ARE. Nearly all coyote attacks can be attributed to humans feeding coyotes, either knowlingly, or through carelessness. Don't feed the coyotes.
  • Do Coyotes Decrease Turkey Populations?
    NO. Disease can wipe out an entire flock of birds. Coyotes prey on the slowest, weakest birds. It is these birds that are likely coming down with a virus that could potentially wipe out the entire flock. Studies show that the Wild Turkey Population in New England is larger and stronger than ever - Thanks to coyotes!
  • Does Killing Coyotes Control Their Population?
    FACT: NO! Did you know that when coyotes are killed it stimulates population growth through larger litters, stronger pups and more breeding females in an area? The only thing that controls the population of coyotes is the amount of available prey. Hunting and trapping causes MORE coyotes the following year!

Coyotes in Nature

  • Beautiful Coyote
    Learn how coyotes fill an important niche in nature. The more correct information you learn, the more you will appreciate this beautiful animal.

Coyotes Used as Live Bait

  • A Closer Look
    Know what is really happening out there and learn how inhumane coyote hunting with dogs is.

Cruelty in the Woods

  • Coyote run to exhaustion is cornered
    How does a coyote hunt really work? Learn what the hunters don't want you to know about this recreational activity

Quotes and Pics from the Hunters

  • Slowed down with a front leg shot
    Read some descriptions of the hunts right from the hunters themselves. Each quote is exactly as written, the names (and their dogs names) have been "X" ed out to protect their identities..

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June 19, 2009


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Rachel Anne

Okay I hate coyotes as much as the next person but I would never do this. Not only is it wrong and horrible for the coyote but as well as for the dogs. i hunt coyotes yes but with dogs no. There's no sport in that. I like a fair chase and I take pride in that. I believe in giving the animal a fighting chance. I have passed up 1 coyote in particular because he deserved to live. He avoided every hunter in the area and he may not be a coyote at all many including myself believe he's a wolf. I respect him he's avoided every hunter including my father and I for years. Therefore I believe he has the right to live. To this day I see him and just watch him with pride. Being a 19 year old avid female hunter I find more pleasure in that than killing him knowing he's wiley enough to avoid everyone.


Lol wow this post is a joke one I hate to tell you but why don't you google what a coyote eats id like to know who's paying for all the domestic animals they eat that farmers pay out of pocket for as well really child abusers and wife beaters no I'm sorry far off and as far as they are afraid of their dogs attacking people I hate to tell you I kno ppl that hav dogs that will run a coon and never kill it they tree them and that same dog wudnt dream of biting or attacking a kids but stays in the house with them so please do your reasearch before bad mouthing these animals they are bred for a purpose jus as your poodles and ancle biters are

RESPONCE FROM ECI; Candace, it's called Spell Check. Use it.

Kevin S.

There will be sick sadistic people everywhere in life, they also happen to be the minority but for obvious reasons they get all the attention. This small percentage influences the views of people who may not be educated on the subject, be it hunting, or hell even banking. The hunters in the spotlight here are truly the bad side of this sport and I do not condone their actions.( intentionally wounding, "letting their dogs get some chewing in"...and so on) All that being said, I do enjoy hunting coyotes with dogs, and with calls. HOWEVER, I would never cripple an animal intentionally, and I do not use "kill dogs". We let the dogs run coyotes and if all goes well get in the path of the coyote and make a kill with a gun in the most humane way possible. (and I will be the first to admit that any kind of killing is never truly humane) The thing to keep in mind is that coyotes use the same tactics to chase deer to exhaustion then will eat the deer while it is still alive.( and yes I understand coyotes don't have guns) The increasing coyote population in my area has been detrimental to many small game species and every kill we make helps to protect rabbits, turkey, and deer. I do admit the dogs are relentless in their pursuit and will cross through all types of property but I refuse to enter posted property without permission. The truth is that a two minuet call to a land owner is all it takes and nine times out of ten they want us to hunt their land to help rid their property of coyotes. I just wanted to respond to this article on behalf of ethical hunter everywhere, and hopefully unethical hunters will be reported and punished to the full extent of the law but in the meantime just try to remember not everyone hunts the way this video depicts. Thanks

COMMENT FROM EASTERN COYOTE INSTITUTE: Thank you Kevin. It sounds like you possess some good qualities and truly are ethical.


What pathetic, weak, little, lame-ass fuckers are participating in these horrible acts of cruelty?

Please publish names, adresses, pictures etc.

We are very interested in that!!! I´m already in the process of hunting down that fat fuck with the orange cap...

Mary Pike-Straw

In reply to Marsha: I am not a "PETA person" but I will have a degree in Wildlife Management in 2012 and I have studied, researched, and had much experience with coyotes. Owners of farm animals that are threatened by coyote predation should be educated enough to implement non-lethal predator control such as llamas, donkeys, or guard dogs. People should keep their domestic animals sheltered for the night to keep them safe and healthy, and maybe you should supervise your children when out in the yard playing. Again, a protective and loyal family pet would be helpful as a alert dog for any predators that may enter your property. If you hunt coyote for meat or clothing, then you are in a minority of barbaric folk, as I don't know anyone who eats canine meat.
As for your concern for rabies, squirrels, skunks, etc., that I am sure come onto your property also, carry rabies, so you cannot solely blame coyotes for the disease.
And you,Marsha, do not truly know if animals have souls or not. None of us do, but we can only hope!
Please do proper research and be formally educated before you entertain us with your "hunter mentality" and your big guns and mean, vicious dogs that you have destroyed by teaching them to kill other animals. Using dogs to pen and/or kill coyotes is no better than running a dog fighting ring, which is illegal.
We "Bambi lovers" will not stop until we stop this barbaric practice, I can promise you that, Marsha. Have a nice day!


I hope a group of bears would come and maul those hunters and their dogs. Yes, AND their dogs. I hate hounds almost as much I hate their stepmother owns hounds - they're stupid as f*&^, and constantly annoy the neighbors. It's ashame such a beautiful, smart animal could be used as hunting practice for these waste-of space hunting dogs.


You Peta people who live in the City and have no clue what the real world is like and where your food comes from need an education in life and history. I bet you don't think twice about where your last steak came from or what your overpriced shoes or the interior of your BMW is made of. I happen to know of several people who have had their farm animals killed and would have been attacked themselves by coyotes if they had not been armed and had dogs to protect them. Further more what happens when they begin to spread disease like rabies? Children playing in yards will no longer be safe, is an animal more valuable than a human life? I support hunting always have and always will. The animal population must be controlled. Use your time and money helping needy people,teaching children to read or stopping crime against humans. Animals were put on this earth for use by humans for food and clothing they don't have a soul. All logic was lost when the movie Bambie was created.

*Note from Coyote Institute: Oh my, what did nature do before man came along to "manage" everything? Coyotes are doing what a good predator is supposed to do. Anyone who thinks otherwise is the "Bambi Hugger" that you accuse others of being. We believe in and understand the natural predator / prey relationship. The same people who condemn coyotes for "killing all the deer and fawns" are the same ones who are saying that they must go out and control the deer population or the poor deer will starve. We were going to save you the embarrassment of publishing stupid comments from the hunters, but then decided, what the heck, lets let the public see the mentality of the guys out there with the guns and dogs.

Rose Sabbastion

I watched this video and it is the most horrible disgusting vile thing I have ever seen it made me cry. These horrible people are saying they are sending their dogs after coyotes because they are afraid the coyotes will attack people. News flash these hunting dogs r more likely to attack people than coyotes. Coyotes stay away from humans. u cant say killing coyotes in that inhummane manner is in the foodchain do you eat the coyotes...NO. Every creature deserves to live. What if ur dog killed a chicken its instinct...the circle of life, would u like some1 2 come along and and inhummanely maul your dog 2 death, what if ur dog had dependent pups 2 feed??? Think about the repolsive thing ur doing and think if it is rite???

mamie mcdonald

To kill a coyote or a fox with a dog makes these hunters feel like a man. This not a manly thing it is evil and child and wife abuse runs right along with it. %These hunters need to be reported to crimes against their children.

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